Even abstract paintings make sense

Moon clouds“Twirl it! Twirl it”

My 3 year old neice, Ayva,  said, as she pulled her few strands of hair to the left side of her head and twisted the ends of her hair.   My sister often wears a side braid,  and now that my neice has long enough hair, she wants hair like her mommy.  Ayva thinks her Mommy’s hair is beautiful and she wants to to be beautiful too.

We imitate what we admire. What we do in our lives will have traces of what inspires us.  Just like my neice will resemble my sister with her side braid, we will imitate the people who inspire us, the books we read,  the shows we watch,  the people we surround our selves with, and the god we worship.

We also imitate what we see. We don’t have to admire it. When we dwell on anything it will show up in our lives. The things we produce in our lives don’t lie about what we worship. We become what we worship, and we can decieve ourselves by thinking we worship one thing, but our lives tell the truth.

We say we love God and we hate our brother.

We say we love each other but only live for ourselves.

We say we are humble yet we judge others.

We say we are broken and sinful yet we are self righteous.

We say we are free but we live like be don’t believe it.

In those moments we worship fear, hate, pride, and doubt.

Last night I went out side and looked up in the night sky and the clouds were in a scattered pattern of white tufts accross the span of space above my head. The moon hid behind this curtain of clouds, giving a layered effect. As I stood there thinking how beautiful and weird this World is, I decided I wanted to try and paint that image of the sky. I think my Creator’s sky is beautiful and I want to create something beautiful too.

God is our Creator and we are made in His image (Gen 1:27).  Therefore we create.

The Holy Spirit is in us, and we are made in His image. (Gen 1:26) Therefore we have peace and patience.

Jesus brings grace and we are made in His Image. (Gen 1:26) Therefore we are to share the good news and release the oppressed.

But our flesh gets in the way.  When we are imitating Our Trinity God, our lives will change.  We won’t grow wings and float above life’s problems and pain. We will wrestle with ourselves and our sin. But we will find relationship with God and others. We will find love, peace, joy, self control, grace, beauty, and provision. Dwell on the things of God and your life will produce godly things. I’m not saying it’s easy but I’m saying it’s worth it.

People will tell you to be bitter and cynical.

People might be upset because you have joy.

But look to our Creator and don’t look away.

He creates Beautiful things.

And with Him, life is beautiful.


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