Risk is spelled F-A-I-T-H…wait I think I messed that up

Simon Sky Diving

Simon Sky Diving (Photo credit: GoGap)

Being alone is comfortable to me. I can sit all day in my room and read, write, paint, watch TV and be very content. I would prefer to avoid socially awkward situations. Which basically all social situations are awkward. I dread meeting new people. They might not like me.  Small talk is the worst. I usually give up and then I just end up staring at people. Or I try to make a joke and that doesn’t go well.

But life isn’t about being comfortable.

There is a difference between comfort and fulfillment. God is going to call you to do things that take risk.

I don’t like risk. It means I can be rejected. Risk means I could mess up and embarrass myself in front of people. It means I can look silly. It means I can be ignored. It means people won’t like me.

But obeying God isn’t about me.  I have regretted giving in to my fears. But I have never regretted taking in risk and obeying God.  Taking risks to pursue God’s calling on your life, can change lives.

Are you living in your comfort bubble?  Are you hiding from what God is calling you to do? When you close your eyes and think about what you would do if you weren’t afraid, what is it? Pray about it and listen to where God is leading you.

God calls us to love and love isn’t comfortable. We can’t love by ourselves.

What does obeying God look like for you?

Are you called to sing?

Are you called to write?

Are you called to start a church?

Are you called to missions?

Are you called to teach?

Are you called to give a sandwich to the homeless guy you see on your way to work everyday?

Are you called to give a hug to the girl in class that never smiles?

Are you called to talk to the person who hurt you last week and love them?

Are you called to mentor someone who is struggling?

Are you called to let people in your life know you love them?

Our calling doesn’t have to be a huge abstract dream. We don’t have to have it all together or make a huge outline of our future. What is God calling you to do now? Today. Obeying God in the now will change you and prepare you for the next challenge.

Take the next step and God will take you on an adventure. It’s way worth the risk.


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