I like Blue Ink

English: Ink on a wet background

English: Ink on a wet background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Fake Fruit Friday! What the heck does that mean?  You haven’t heard of it?  Well I have been blogging on Facebook for years but I discovered that Facebook isn’t a real blog according to the writing world.  I will be posting old blog posts that have been fake blogs all these years and transforming them into the real thing.  I hope you enjoy!

April, 19th, 2009

It’s funny how we think God is fake or mean when he is quiet.

But it’s sad when we hear the silence and walk away thinking he has vanished, when really he is there, quiet and crying, because he knows that if we just trust him, he is enough for us. But we continue to think that band aids will fix what only surgery can heal. We keep cuddling with comfortable poisonous things that make us cozy enough to kill us.

Sometimes life can feel like a story we are trying to write with a pen that has no ink.

What we forget is that we are not the writers. God is the author and we are the pens. Writing a story is never all about the pen, but about the writer telling a story through the pen. Life is not all about us, but about God and his story, and plan that he has. Today I picked up a pen and started writing, and the ink flowed out smoothly on the page in such a perfect way, that I decided to make the pen my favorite pen. It makes me happy to use it. Because we are not inanimate objects like pens, and we have a choice to let God use us or not. God wants to take us places that we could never imagine, but we have to be willing to not walk away when we think he isn’t there. God builds our character most when we press into him, no matter how scared, or alone we feel. Let’s find our identitiy in Christ first, and then everything else will be added! The more I surrender to God, the more I see my desires become the same as God’s desires, and the more I see God fullfiling his promises to me. Worship God with your actions, with your waking and sleeping, in laughing, and loving. God’s grace and peace will get us past ourselves and allow us to be God’s pen, writing His love on the lives of others.


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