I Sing a Tune to Match Every Day


It’s Fake Fruit Friday! When I was in junior college I created a website and would write a blog daily. But I was still trying to figure out the internet and basically had no traffic, therefore I have deemed it a fake blog. After I stopped writing on that site, I printed my fake blogs and made a scrapbook of essays and art. The photo is a picture of a page from this scrapbook. Here, I share with you, a fake blog I wrote after an amazing night at the fair. You can tell I was younger, by my choice of adjectives, but I was reminded of this essay when I recently saw “Perks of a Wallflower,” because of the similar sentiment. I remember how much I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

We went on the Tilt-a-whirl.

It made us laugh. As the array of colored lights blurred past, a variation of laughter filled the space around us. Contentment set in. This is the best time in my life. As we stumble off the ride, like drunks stumbling out of a bar, the hearty chuckles trail behind us and slowly fade away to engulf the next group of passengers. I take it all in like a sponge, not neglecting a second of time.

I can see time from the back seat of a car. I look ahead and see it coming. The speed is not too fast. But the second it passes the window, it is gone, becoming memories on a shelf in my mind; an old novel that once read of adventure and mystery, but now collects dust as the pages curl and yellow with age. I know one day I will dust off this novel and long for these moments again. I can almost feel the nostalgia. I can taste the bitter sadness knowing my youth will be behind me, lost in the crevices of the past.

But being here is thrilling.

Life is painted in different hues, sparkling and dancing through every sunrise that greets me and every sunset that waves goodbye. Mystery lingers around every corner, promising surprise in each daydream that engulfs my thoughts. I drink each moment like I am parched, guzzling till the last drop, letting the taste hang on the tongue like an ornament.

Look into my eyes and see that every bone in my body is well aware I am alive, singing a tune to match every day;May it be a song of sadness or full of sunshine, off-key or right on pitch; it is the melody of my life and every note is like a gift, wrapped in comic strips and tied with shoelaces.

The shoelaces help keep my shoes on for the journey, and the comic strips give me something to laugh about.

Don’t throw away your comic strip.

Life is better when laughing.


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