Amazonian Flamingo

I never thought I would use the term “Amazonian Flamingo,” in a conversation. But I did.

My friend and I went  to the zoo and did some sketches of flamingos.  Flamingos are so strange-looking yet beautiful. I told my friend that I love flamingos and she offered to buy me a fake flamingo from That is when I said I was excited to get a Amazonian Flamingo.

I am not sure Flamingos even live in the Amazon. But I do know they are pretty and odd and that I want one.

Our God is so eclectic. The God who made spiders, is the same God who made flamingos and kittens, and grizzly bears, and us. We tend to think of God from a limited human perspective. We can’t help it.  But when you think of the variety of things God created, it blows our perspective to pieces.

There is so much about God we can’t grasp; so much we don’t know.

The World so weird. It’s a huge sphere with an atmosphere, spinning in space, with tons of creatures, living and breathing and scurrying around its surface, following their instinct to survive, or figuring out their purpose, or just confused as to what the point of it all is.

Despite the weirdness, it’s so very normal. It’s been around for a long time and it’s all we know. I never could understand how something can be so weird yet normal.

We tend to think we know God. We put Him in a box,  and say this is what He does and how He does it. The Bible tells us who He is. It tells us the love story of A God who wants His creation to love Him and be loved by Him. He knew that,  even as God, he couldn’t manipulate and force true love. He came down as one of us,  loved the broken and the sinners,  and demonstrated this love by dying for us. Then He left His Spirit here to guide us and lead us to live a life of love. He shows us that if we live like Christ, we will find goodness and love in this messy painful World; we will be saved from the evil of this fallen place. Although this is  profound and amazing, it is not everything.  Look around at nature and the intricacies of life and see that our God is bigger then our brains can handle. He is Creator, Savior, Lover, Father, and God.

Grasping the hugeness of our Creator leads to humility. When we get this, we can then start trusting God with our dreams. God has a better imagination than we do, because he created imagination.

Just like the flamingo, and the World, and us, our God is strange and beautiful.

Are you putting Human  limits on God?

He can do more than we can ask or imagine. Let’s believe it and live it!

Are you dealing with pride ?

We don’t know everything.  Let’s stop being self righteous and judgemental. Where we end God begins. Let’s love those we don’t understand and surrender to God, because we are all broken and need Him.

Let’s love each other like Christ loved us.

And Christ loved so much he died for us.

That’s a love without limits.


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