God doesn’t need a cell phone

The most important part of a relationship with God is communication.

The most difficult part of a relationship with God is communication.

The two main ways we communicate with God is through His Word and through prayer.

These things are so important because in order to know What God requires of us, we have to hear from Him.

If we aren’t listening to Him, then we are moving in our own power.

If we aren’t reading the Word then we are in danger of doing things that aren’t in line with God’s will at all.

The reason it is so difficult to pray and read the Word is because we struggle with consistency and discipline.

This is  a struggle, not only with our spiritual lives but with all long lasting,  good things. Any thing good for us takes effort, whether it’s eating right, exercising, studying to pass a test, or reaching any life changing goal.  Most of us are daily wrestling down our idleness so we can see positive changes in our lives. Daily being in the Word and coming face to face with our Savior will change our lives drastically.

We think our time communicating with God has to be at a certain time of day, or has to look a certain way. It doesn’t. If you aren’t a morning person, pray at night. If prayer comes difficult or daunting to you, start a prayer journal or go on prayer walks. Even schooled theologians struggled to grasp the Biblical concepts. Let’s just be real here and admit that reading Scripture is a challenge. When we become Christians we don’t suddenly become become super spiritual geniuses.  We try to simplify the Bible so we can better grasp it, but even so, it is a profound and complex book. Just to read it on its own can be confusing and even boring when you aren’t learning anything or you don’t understand it.  It’s best to find a reading schedule that guides you through the Bible and helps you makes sense of it all.  Check out Youversion.com for different reading plans.  It’s a wonderful website and there is a free app for smart phones. We can communicate with God through many means, but His Word and prayer are the most difficult and necessary to have a strong foundation for your spiritual walk.

Be ready for God to interrupt your life.

Don’t expect to hear from God only within your 30 minutes a day of prayer. In everything we do, let’s look to see what God is saying to us right in that moment. God is always speaking, so let’s always be ready for Him to guide us. He speaks through people, nature, circumstances, and our own internal thoughts and dreams.  Let’s listen for God to give us our direction, instead of trying to pull Him in the direction we are going.

I realize many Christians, me included, struggle with trying to have a daily  “devotional ” time. Along with this struggle, comes  guilt when we don’t have time.  We are wasting our time feeling guilty and condemning ourselves for not being disciplined enough. We continue to try the same things and fail when we should just try a differnt method. We focus on trying to  fix our actions and our heart isn’t changed. We focus on fixing the  fruit that we are producing instead of fixing the seeds we plant or where we are putting our roots. Let’s plant the Word in  our hearts and put our roots in Christ.

It’s not about a daily “devotional”  time, but about creating a devotional lifestyle.  Bring a small Bible with you wherever you go. Say a prayer every time you get out of your car. Give people encouragement that you really need to hear. Pray for each person you meet today.  Small steps can transform our relationship with God and with those around us.

You may have been a Christian for a few days or a few years, and communication with God will continue to be a struggle, but let’s continue to walk towards Christ in all we do, focusing on God and getting to know him, instead of it being about us.

Do you struggle with prayer or reading the Word? What things have you done to help you?  Have you seen your life change when you find consistency in spending time with God?


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