Humble Pie Tastes Gross

sunflower & rose

It’s funny how good advice sounds great when we give it but when it’s given to us it just sounds annoying.  We want others to accept God’s grace but we cannot accept it ourselves.

We can’t see others like we see ourselves.  If you are like me, you live life always seeing your flaws and comparing them to how you see other people. This way of thinking takes  you down a path of jealousy, coveting, and low self-esteem.

God made YOU, who you are for a reason. I still struggle with this at times, but I’ve been through a lot to realize that my identity is not wrapped up in how I compare to others.  We all are different parts of the body and that means we all have different gifts and purpose. If we get stuck focusing on comparing ourselves to each other, we will destroy ourselves.

The sun flower is yellow, big, and awkwardly beautiful. A rose is elegant yet threatening with its stem of thorns. A garden is beautiful because of the variety of colors and contrasting attributes. If every flower was the same, it would be pretty boring.

Because we see ourselves differently then we see others,  we allow pride to get in the way of grace. We say, ” God loves you and has grace on you because you aren’t as flawed as I am.”  We are always criticizing ourselves because we can’t get our act together. Or we don’t have enough confidence to take risks with our gifts.  We don’t hesitate to help someone else but won’t allow ourselves to take help from others.

Why do we think we are allowed to obey God in loving others through, generosity, prayer, comfort, and encouragement, but we won’t let others love us like God calls  them  to?

Our pride causes us to have double standards. Pride is a sin. Pride causes false humility. I am guilty of it. When someone offers me money or help, I initially want to reject it. It feels so vulnerable.  I have tried praying for someone who obviously needed  it, and the prayer was rejected. Offering prayer is scary. It feels horrible getting rejected when taking risks to love others.

We need to realize that our fear of becoming vulnerable or feeling needy, is preventing others from doing what God is telling them to do in our lives.  Let’s break down our walls. Let’s accept ourselves the way that God accepts us. Let’s let others in to who we really are, and accept the help from others in the same way we want others to accept help from us.

If this is hard for you, know that it’s hard for many people and that is why we need Jesus. His grace is enough for you and enough for me. Let His grace humble our hearts with genuine humility.


2 thoughts on “Humble Pie Tastes Gross

  1. Rafflesia arnoldii is a stinky flower and smells of decaying flesh- but its beauty lies in its size and rarity, and the fact that God spent the time to think it up. The smell, what we think is disgusting, is actually beautiuful to those who it was ment to attract… God didn’t make every flower for for us to smell. lol. Nice work Brandi. Keep it up.

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