The three step process to trusting God


1. Ya right!
2. There is none.
3. When you figure it out, let me know.

Trusting people can be difficult. People are tangible. You can see them right in front of you, hug them, laugh with them, and have coffee with them. If we have a hard time trusting people who we can see, how much more difficult is it to trust God who we cannot see? Sometimes we doubt if He is there at all and we are told to trust Him with our lives. When our lives seem to be crumbling around us, or when we feel alone and depressed, we are supposed to look to God and trust that He has a purpose for it all? How are we supposed to trust what we can’t see? Sometimes we pretend it’s easy. It’s not. We try to simplify it so we can grasp it. Once we allow God to carry out burdens, He really is trustworthy. After we finally start trusting God, it does get easier because we realize how faithful He is. But getting to the point of letting go is so hard. and even when we finally get there, we forget and continue taking back the reigns. We can’t live out our faith until we learn, through experience, to believe that the God we can’t see is more powerful than the circumstances that we see all around us.

We tend to start trusting God as a last resort. We worry, try to take care of the problem ourselves, read self-help books, run ourselves into the ground, trying to take care of all the problems in our lives. Then we realize we can’t do it on our own. Finally when we reach the end of ourselves, and we are so tired we don’t know what to do …we reluctantly say, ” Fine…God I can’t do this. ” And when this happens to me, I realize I should have trusted God in the first place.

We have to come to the realization we can’t do it on our own, before we trust God. We are the ones who aren’t faithful while God saves us from ourselves.

I wish I could give you a step by step formula on how to trust God, but it’s more trial and error than anything. It’s a process of facing our weaknesses, and our failure, and learning how God will work things out for the good.

God works through people. We are His vessels. If we struggle with trusting God, let’s start by learning to trust people. People have hurt us and let us down. But if we learn to trust the tangible, we can eventually trust what we can’t see. We can start trusting God as He works through people. Let go of your plan, and your own way. We think we are free when we have control. But we are most free when we let go and listen for God’s guidance.

Things may seem impossible. Looking at the whole problem and not seeing a way out, is overwhelming. Ask God what the next step is towards fighting against our circumstances.

You might feel like you are feeling around in the dark. Maybe you have been waiting for something and no matter how long you pray about it, nothing happens. We become cynical and bitter. Tell God how you are feeling. Tell Him you can’t trust Him. He knows anyways. Ask Him to give you the strength to trust Him. Our creator is waiting with us and fighting for us.
He is trustworthy .


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