Oh Hey, you have a log in your eye

PeoChopped Logsple are rude sometimes; Christians, friends, family, pastors, …you and me.  We all say the wrong things or do the wrong things and hurt other people’s feelings. Sometimes we are looking at other people’s errors so intently and forget to look at our own.

We can’t change other people. But we can change ourselves. So let’s change for the better.

It is tough when people we love hurt our feelings or treat us badly. Instead of focusing on how hurt you are, take a look at yourself. Ask God to reveal if there is anything you have a habit of doing that may hurt others. Use other people’s behavior as a mirror to see how you treat others. Yes we should tell the people in our lives when they aren’t being nice. It’s important to communicate how their words make us feel. But if you expect others to apologize and own up to their own mistakes, make sure you have the same expectation on yourself.

Sometimes as Christians, we go around trying to fix other people but forgetting that we need fixing too. We are broken. We need grace. We don’t have it all together.

Are you holding a grudge? Is there division in your family or friends because someone wronged you and you can’t get past it? Usually we feel we have a right to stay mad because we have been treated unfairly. Instead of being angry and bitter ask God to give you the strength to realize that we all mess up. Pray for those who hurt you. Pray they would own up to what they did. Maybe you haven’t even talked to them about it?

Lack of communication is the biggest problem in every relationship.

Sometimes we tell everyone except the person we are complaining about. Talk to the person who hurt you so there can be change and resolution. We like to sit in our drama without trying to make things better.

Let’s talk to each other without intention of being right, but with intention of becoming a better person; becoming more like Christ.


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