I see a chunk of pride in your X Ray….I think we need to operate

imagesSo you’re hanging out with your  friends, having a great time, things feel peachy, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and then a friend pulls you aside and says, ” So, lately you have been really mean to me and it hurts my feelings.” Boom…rain on your parade.  When someone points out our flaws we don’t usually see it coming and we usually aren’t happy about it. First thing we want to do is deny it and claim our friend is wrong. We want to respond with, ” Obviously you woke up on the crazy side of the bed today because I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  or we know we messed up but don’t want to admit it because of a big chunk of pride chillin in our heart. I’ve heard that surgery for pride removal is pretty painful and costly so I understand avoiding that procedure. But if you want to truly be able to love others and become a better person, you must face your pride. Humility leads to more humility. When you soften your heart, those around you take down their defenses and, more often then not, soften their heart as well. We think we need to hold onto our pride in order to hold on to our dignity. We use pride like it’s a weapon, but humility is the best weapon. The hardest thing and most important thing about growing spiritually and emotionally is the ability to take correction and honesty from others, and allow it to open our eyes to our flaws,  and how we need to change. It’s not easy or painless but it produces beautiful things in our lives and gives us freedom love others without being caught up in our own selfishness and pride. Let’s lay down our pride and, love each other in humility; the way that Christ loves us.


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