Let Sunday’s flame set your life on fire


Sometimes we sit on our beds and read the Bible and pray, feeling God’s presence and prompting. We get excited and passionate about how God has touched our hearts and showed us he loves us. We raise our hands at church and sing about God changing our lives. We make plans to change our lives and do things we’ve never done. Then we get busy. Life happens and we push these risky ideas until a more convenient day. Or we realize how afraid we are to act like a super Christian and get funny looks. Or we are just more comfortable hiding on our beds in the fuzzy presence of God . But the point of experiencing God’s presence and prompting isn’t just so we can stay there on our beds. Christ didn’t die for us so we can just be in a happy bubble and talk about how we are changed without ever really changing . He died for our sins so we can step into who we are in Christ; free and prepared to lead others to freedom. What is the point of faith without action and change? Action or works isn’t something we need to do to earn grace , but our actions should be our response to grace. Grasping how my fear and selfish led me to a place of darkness and knowing God rescued me from my brokenness cause me to want to do what God has called me to do . I want to to continue making changes so I can be free to change lives. Its the hardest thing to do but truly worth it!He calls us out of sin to call others out of sin. Faith produces action. Lets allow our faith move us past our fear and into action. Love those you struggle loving, pray with those who are hurting, give to those in need, and be a available for the Holy Spirit to move through you . When you are on fire for God, allow it to consume your life instead of letting busyness, fear, and insecurities put out the flame .

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. (James 2:17 NIV)


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