Super Sweet Blogger Award !!!!


Thank you so much for this nomination. I enjoy your blog! Your writing is inspiring and vulnerable!

Rules for the Award:

•Thank the super sweet blogger that nominated you

•Answer five super sweet questions

•Include the super sweet blogging award image in your blog post

•Nominate 12 other bloggers

Ok! Here’s the five super sweet questions:

•Cookies or cake? Cookies!

•Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla for sure

•Favorite sweet treat? Jellybeans!!

•When you do crave sweet things the most? After dinner

•Sweet nickname? Crayola

My 12 Super sweet nominations:
-This guy’s art is amazing!

– I love the concept and photos!
– I love this! Truly inspiring =)

– Cristian’s words are like soothing rain on a hot day. His words are true and striking, honest and free. I think he’s my favorite and very inspring to anyone who has a passion for writing. Read his words and support his cause!

-Truly inspiring!

– I love their mission and love for Christ!
– Brings such honesty and scripture together! Very encouraging!

– Her blog is so honest and helpful for everyday life. Love it –

– So Amazing…Changing lives and living life out of the box!

– Unique and very insightful blog =)
– I am a huge fan of the way she encourages girls to live for Christ !

– So real and uplifiting !!/read/blog/id/37069440/

Thank you all for being amazing and sharing who you are with words!

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