Challenge of the Week

I calculated the miw-Giant-Coffee-Cup75917nimum amount of coffee shop lattes I purchase, which is three a week.  That is about 70 bucks a month I am paying for coffee! This is more than I am paying for some bills!  My challenge for my self is to take that money from each pay check right away and put it in savings or use it to pay off some things. I challenge you to find what you tend to have a habit of buying, whether it’s coffee, soda, candy, video games, or clothes. Make it something you might buy too often but you know you can live without. Then put that money in savings or use it to help pay off debt, or give it to someone in need. Limit yourself to buying that thing just once a month or just less than usual. I can live without coffee, or  make it at home for way cheaper.  Let’s cut back on the things we don’t need and see how we can change our spending habits for the better!


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