I was a girl full of fear.

I was lost. I lost myself but God never lost me. I followed my fear off a cliff. Every step into darkness, entangled me in a web of selfishness. It was dark and lonely, cold and empty. After running from my Creator’s embrace I longed to find the hands who formed me. I called out from the dark pit of sin.  I needed to be rescued. I was left to my punishment. I stopped believing the sun would rise in the morning.

I didn’t even want it to rise.

I finally repented.

I was still before Him. I sat patiently waiting, begging for healing.  My God came to my rescue.  He untangled me from the web and carried me to safety.  He healed my wounds and told me who I was: Beautiful, whole, loved, redeemed, found and free.  My God invited me to go on an adventure for him!

I said yes!

It’s been wild!

The world looks different when the shackles are broken. The same world I felt lost in, has become a lush meadow for me to run free; to delight in my Lord and see him faithfully fulfill my heart.

But my heart isn’t healed only for me…

But for you too.

God loves me so I can love you. He told me to tell you, ” Repent. Be still before God. Be patient for his healing. God will come to your rescue. He’s asked me to help untangle your web and carry you to safety.  He will heal your wounds and tell you who you are: beautiful, whole, love, redeemed, found and free.

God invites you to go on an adventure with him!  If you say yes…

It will be wild!


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