A Peek Into A Man’s Heart #1: Being Innocent and Shrewd In A World Gone Mad

Joe Zaragoza is an awesome, witty Christian man, who lives for God. He loves The Lord with all his heart, and has put his heart into writing a blog, http://tobeamantheguide.com, where he encourages men to be gentlemen and guides them how to aim for godliness in every aspect of life. Together we’ve teamed up to write a series for each other’s blogs. Enjoy!
dude fighting
A lot is asked of Christian men.
Jesus’ knew there was a struggle to remain good in a world full of sin, and advised his disciples to, “Be innocent as doves, yet shrewd as serpents.” Jesus understood the chaotic conditions we’d be living in. This series will not exactly be about what men want in a partner, but about what men need. In order to explain this I’d like to give women the context which men live in, and the realities they have to deal with in this world. I want to explain why we act the way we do. Sometimes we can be sweet and sensitive, yet other times we are super irrational. If this is going to be an honest  peek into a man’s heart,  you need to understand why we act the way we do before I can answer any questions you ladies might have.
Men are basically stuck behind enemy lines. The Bible tells us what a man of God should be, but the world has a completely different idea about what that is, causing us to struggle to find where we stand. According to the Bible, being a man is about loving our brothers and sisters, doing what’s right in spite of our fears, being a leader in our faith, following Jesus’s example, and spreading the gospel as far and wide as God leads us to. The world on the other hand,  tells us that a man should want to have sex all the time while we’re bombarded by images of sexualized women,  a man should ignores his  emotions,  he should be a big oaf who loves sports and cars, and he should  be aggressive in order to prove his manhood.  Of course men fall short of this ridiculous standard. We begin to believe this is what a man is supposed to be, and  it causes us  to become insecure.   Many women,  no matter how beautiful they are,  feel insecure because  they believe they’re not pretty enough.  They focus on minor imperfections and dwell on them. Well, in the same ways men feel this way, but instead of looks (or sometimes including their looks) men are made to feel as though they’re not man enough, based on the world’s standards.
Christian men must navigate a world which gives us  a twisted version of what a man is supposed to be, while at the same time trying to live by the Bible’s standard of what it means to be a man. This is a difficult path to follow. The world holds us down and causes us to feel like we’re not good enough. We constantly try to prove ourselves as men and fail, which leads me to  my first bit of advice for you ladies: Be strong Christian women. That’s what a Christian man needs. Spend time in the Word, know it and follow it, pursue God’s heart before you pursue ours, and help guide us.
Genesis tells us that God made woman as our helper.  In Hebrew the word for, “helper” is “ezer” which literally means, “Help Meet”. The Hebrew word for, “Help” is “azar” which means, “aid”. The word for, “Meet” is “Kenegdo” which means “corresponding to” and “equal to match.” All in all women are more than just a helper as we understand it, but instead she is a helper to someone in need. As in Psalms 30 says, “Lord, listen and be gracious to me; Lord, be my helper.” Do you understand what an important role women play in the lives of men? They rescue us, partner with us, and love us.  We’re lost without women, so forget the antiquated second class citizenship of the old Christian doctrine  which describes women as the lowly helper or a servant to a master. God intended women to be our partner, and it’s what we men need in this world of chaos.
Men are given the task of  being the spiritual leader of their home. They are the head of their wife, as Christ is the head of the church. The problem, is that we can’t do it alone. We’re human and we fail; we get lost and fall short. Our minds, insecurities, pride, spirit, and bodies pulling us in so many different directions, and we need your help in order to focus on the Lord.  Sometimes we need a leader too, someone strong to hold our hand and guide us through the darkness, to encourage us when we feel we’re not good enough, to remind us of what The Lord wants of us when we forget. So be  prepared, because even if we act like we have it all together, in all honesty we need you.

One thought on “A Peek Into A Man’s Heart #1: Being Innocent and Shrewd In A World Gone Mad

  1. Hi Joe,

    I really liked your post! It was interesting to hear from a man’s perspective, especially about their insecurities. I feel inspired and encouraged. “Pursue God’s heart before you pursue ours.” I will remember that for years to come. I look forward to this series you and Brandi are doing!

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