Peek into a Man’s Heart: #2 Men need a strong Christian Woman

Joe Zaragoza is a fantastical, witty Christian man, who lives for God. He loves The Lord with all his heart, and has put his heart into writing a blog,, where he encourages men to be gentlemen and guides them how to aim for godliness in every aspect of life. Together we’ve teamed up to write a series for each other’s blogs. Go here see his previous post in the series! Enjoy!

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Christian men need a strong Christian woman; Someone tough, smart, opinionated and not afraid to correct a man when he’s wrong.

What men need is a Priscilla.

In the Bible, Priscilla and her husband Aquila are two of the most passionate and accomplished disciples of Paul. In Paul’s letters, he greets them and talks about the passion they both have for The Lord. Don’t think Priscilla plays second fiddle to her husband; they are a team! She is smart, dedicated to the Lord, and not afraid to speak up. Acts 18 mentions Apolos, an eloquent teacher who spoke at the Synagogs. Although he was very emboldened for the Lord, and spoke about Jesus, he didn’t know about John’s baptism. Priscilla and Aquila both sat down and taught him together, as a team. Us men need a Priscilla by our side to help in our ministry. A woman who can correct her brothers in Christ, even an elder or pastor when she feels he’s mistaken. Paul wrote in Romans about how Priscilla and Aquila risked their lives for him. It doesn’t tell us what they did exactly, but they did it together. We need a bold and smart woman next to us, to teach us just as much as we teach her, and to be our partner as we live for God together.

We need a Deborah; a powerful, strong, fearless woman of God who can lead armies forward to defeat our enemy… metaphorically of course. We need a woman who trusts the Lord so deeply that she lives out her faith, confidently knowing God will bring victory into her life. We need a woman who can lead boldly.

We need all the Mary’s!

We need a Mary, mother of Jesus to encourage us and tell us, “They don’t have any wine!” We need a woman who knows our gifts and encourages us when it’s time for us to act. They can tell us when it’s our time to step out in faith!

We need a Mary, Martha’s sister, to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from Him before concerning herself with anything else. She works hard, but she stops and sits at the feet of Jesus to listens and learn from Him because that is the most important thing in her life.

We need a Mary Mangdalin who is completely and utterly dedicated to Christ without question. This is the kind of woman who follows Jesus anywhere and everywhere, and is entrusted to tell everyone of the resurrected Messiah. We need a woman who doesn’t have a religious relationship with Christ, but a personal and spiritual relationship with Him. This is what we need in a partner.

I can go on and on naming other women in the Bible and how they can be an inspiration to you, but my point is that men don’t need a quiet, subservient, woman who will accept everything we say and never rebuking us when we’re wrong. It is a sin for the girlfriend or wife to just sit quietly,following her husband blindly, allowing him to do what he pleases simply because he’s “the man” in the relationship. As men we need to try our best to be Christ-like and strive to follow His example. But there are times we act out of pride, and times we let our anger get the best of us. At times we can only see life from our own perspective, therefore we don’t always see the whole picture. It’s so helpful to have a woman who can lift us up when we stumble, and redirect us when we are going the wrong way. Both the man and the woman need to love each other in a way that they want what is best for each other. Yes, the Bible does tell women to submit to their husbands, but this is an act of love, not a matter of hierarchy. A woman should trust and love a man enough to stand back and allow him to lead because she knows he wants what’s best for their family. Submit to your husband as the church submits to Christ in love. But there is also a time when a husband must submit to his wife, just as Jesus did for us: “For who is greater, the one at the table or the one serving? Isn’t it the one at the table? But I am among you as the One who serves.” (Luke 22:27). We need to understand that she knows what she’s doing too; that his wife wants what’s best for their family as well. If he loves her, he will step aside and allow her to lead as well.

We must also remember the importance of humility in the context of a relationship. We need to know when it’s time remain silent and when it’s time to speak (Ecclesiastes 3:7). It takes strength to sit back and remain humble, respectful, and loving. She needs to know how to correct us with love not anger as do men. “Your every action must be done in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:14.)

Many Christians take the 1 Corinthians and Ephesians passages about women submitting to their husbands, and interpret them incorrectly. We take these verses to the extreme, using them to prove a point that isn’t the point at all. Some people even believe a woman should submit to a man in the face of abuse. This is not the picture of a godly wife. We don’t want a woman who will stand back and let us do all the heavy lifting. We need to be corrected when wrong, rebuked when we sin, and taught new things. We need a strong Christian woman by our side. We need a partner.

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