Stop Feeding the Frog

Fake Blog Friday!! Here’s a blog I wrote on Facebook,Green_tree_frog March 5th 2012.


I have an irrational fear of frogs. I know they won’t hurt me but I’m still afraid of them. Sometimes we are afraid of things for no reason at all. It doesn’t matter what the truth is, we believe the lies that fear tells us. I also have a fear of big trampolines. I didn’t used to, but a few years ago my friends and I decided that we should have 7 people on it at once. Bad idea. Then we thought it would be a good idea for everyone to jump, except me, launching me into the air. Another bad idea. I landed in such a way that caused my right leg to bend in a way it’s not supposed to. It hurt so incredibly bad, just thinking about it makes me wince. I could barely walk for a week. Sometimes we are afraid of things because we have had a bad experience and we were hurt. Either way we are all afraid of things and it limits us. Fear draws a circle of safety in the sand that keeps us from taking risks. It keeps us from obeying God.

Christ calls us to love. He says in Luke, “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’c; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love takes risks. There is no way to love without getting past your fears. There are so many reasons why love is something to fear: rejection, pain, past hurts, commitment and I could go on. 1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” God is calling us to love Him and in turn love others but when we are afraid, we cannot love at all. If we stop focusing on our fears, and just start loving, our fears will be driven out of our lives. What are you afraid of that keeps you wasting time wishing things were different? Stop feeding your fears. It causes us live our lives skirting the things that need to change. We are the only ones able to make choices to step into God’s calling and fear is keeping us from taking that step. Yes, Jesus can help lead us to the stream but it is up to us to drink.


We tend to find out our fear’s favorite food and feed it a steady diet so we don’t kill it. We carry our fear around like little pets and take care of them. We feed our fears by not facing them. The minute we realize that something is uncomfortable we run back to our safety zone. I’m not referring to our fear of spiders or heights here. Our safe place may be, staying at the same job for years when you have dreams of doing something else, not plugging into your church or going to church, staying isolated even when you want to have more meaningful relationships, not facing a conflict that needs resolving, or not taking risks even when you know God is calling you to a specific area. Fear keeps us from growing spiritually, and keeps us cozy in the routine of the familiar.

We also may become too comfortable with our sin that we are afraid to get away from it. We become stuck with an addiction, or a lifestyle, or a relationship that feels safe because it fills a momentary need, while it goes against our long term desires and dreams. We are disillusioned to believe our sin is safety. But it’s killing us. We are wasting precious time with things that hold us back, while we are afraid of the things that will set us free.


The other day I had a dream that I had a pet frog. I realized I forgot to feed it and I rushed to the kitchen to find some food. I put the frog down on the counter for a minute and as I was in a frenzy trying to feed it, the frog turned limp. Then it started to disintegrate before my eyes and completely vanished. Let’s stop feeding our fears. Let’s Stop feeding the frog.


Silent Rescue

kneelingSantaIt’s Fake Fruit Friday on Saturday!  I didn’t have time to post it yesterday, so just humor me and pretend it’s friday…thanks.  Here is a Christmas inspired blog dated December 17th, 2010.


I’m sure you would all agree that the month of December is crazy. I’ve had a few friends list off all the things they have to do before Christmas, but despite seeming a little overwhelmed, they still have a joy about everything they have to do. I think the reason we can be so joyful among the craziness, is because at the heart of what we are doing, we are celebrating what our Creator has done for us. Our God, who is so far beyond our complete understanding, who spoke our intricate universe into being, loved us so much that he came down to our level so he can relate with us. He stepped into our shoes and experienced rejection and death, so we can be rescued from ourselves. It is pretty intense that God might do this for people who love him, but he did all this for us while we were his enemies.(Romans 5:7-8) This is life changing stuff. Christmas celebrates grace, because Jesus’ birth points to Jesus’ death, but more specifically, we are celebrating the moment Christ took his first breath on Earth. We are celebrating the humility of our God, as he tiptoed into our World.

Christ took his first breath on Earth while lying in a manger, because he and his parents were rejected by the overcrowded inn. His first visitors were shepherds in the fields. Talk about a low-key entrance for a king. He entered the world in the exact opposite way people expected him to. This shows the nature of our God. Our God is humble. Our God is love. Although he stepped into this world with barely a sound, the lengths he went to, to rescue us have reverberated across time and are still transforming our hearts daily.

During the craziness of the holidays or just the chaos of life in general, let your hearts rest in the humility and love of our Savior. Live in awe of our God’s willingness to become like us so we can understand His love. Remember his love so you can love others more. Let Him carry you through the hard times and dance with you through the good times. Christmas is a celebration and a reminder of what we are celebrating with our whole lives. I love you all and pray you all have a fantastical Christmas!